Technology is not a means to an end,
it’s a business transformation driver!
If you are looking for answers in an overly technological world, you’ve found the right company. With over 30 years of technological experience, Aetheis is your technology partner… different!
Aetheis comes from the ancient Greek ἀήθης (aḗthēs), meaning unusual, different. Aetheis is the plural form of aḗthēs as Aetheis finds many different solutions to your questions.
We are not the typical training company delivering plain vanilla tech training. We are partnering with the best experts accross the globe to deliver top-notch masterclasses, highly practical, typically customised.
We propose 2 main types of masterclasses:
  • Technical Masterclass – From 1 to 5 days, with or without coaches, on topics like Business Intelligence, Mobile App Development, Data Science, AI and Cloud enablement.
  • Business Masterclass – From half to full day for CxO and Executives, to align business strategy with the right technology.

While technology has become ubiquitous, our world has complexified. Choosing the best technology for the hardest business challenges is getting tougher. With over 30 years of experience, we propose three types of tech consulting:
  • Digital Transformation – What it is, what it entails, how to embrace DT the smart way (not the costly one).
  • Cloud Enablement – How to move from an on-prem infrastructure to a cloud one in an efficient and cost effective way.
  • Leadership guidance – We help C-Suite executive to ensure they get the return they expect on their technology investments.

Digital is everywhere and even if paper has never been so much used, we are helping companies and individuals in getting their digital publishing needs right. We are proposing two sets of services:
  • Digital presence – How to ensure a strong monetized digital existence, from websites, blogs, to vlogs and digital marketing
  • E-books and e-documents – We are bridging the gap between traditional paper and digital publishing, helping in setting up and distributing your digital creation.
As businesses are embracing digital technology to drive their transformation, they are faced with hard choices in terms of platforms and devices. We help you with two sets of services:
  • Mobile and Cloud Application development. Using cross platform technologies leveraging cloud back-ends for fast and ubiquitous applications.
  • Cloud migration. We partner with the best cloud providers to assist you in your cloud migration, getting rid of your outdated servers and applications.
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