The Artificial Intelligence Happy Hour + 1

Every second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, from 6:06 PM to 7:07 PM, followed by a networking get together unless canceled or amended, We are bringing face to face or online the best AI experts to discover how to tap into this great set of technologies to boost your business.

Come and learn what AI is about and how easy it is to use AI tools to integrate into your apps and services. From Azure to Amazon, fromFace++ to Xiaomi, we are bringing the best knowledge right to your doorstep.

Because AI is the present andthe future of IT. AI will enhanceevery single app or service, so better learn how to tap into this wealthof services as fast as possible. No BS, only useful knowledge.

Book your calendar, ride your bike, drive your car, jump into your sneakers, fly your drone or hail a cab, and come to Turbine!

January 22 AI with Amazon Web Services
February 12 AI with Microsoft Azure
  26 Face++ Intelligent Image Recognition services
March 26 AI, a threat or an opportunity for Mauritius?
April 9 How to include AI in your IT System
  23 AI in the hospitality and tourism industries
May 14 How AI is fueling the financial services industry
  28 AI, beyond Sophia and Hollywood dystopia
June 11 The AI landscape in Mauritius
  25 The future of AI

Registration link coming soon!

Photo by sk on Unsplash

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